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Chapter 17Edit

You wake up and some perky people bring you down to breakfast. When you get down there there aren't any cameras so you don't even bother to act. You have some divine food called 'pancakes' and you had some more orange juice. You look at the screen to see that they're showing the scores from yesterday are the 14 year old boy from district 8 who got a 6, the 12 year old girl from 10 that got a 9, and the 18 year old girl from 1 who got a 7. If you were cocky when it shows the girl from 5 you nearly fall over. She got a 10. If you weren't cocky you don't really care. It's Rose/Drews turn to be shown. "Here it goes." Rose/Drew says as a number pops onto the screen. He/she got a 9! Everyone in the room is cheering and is really excited. You hug Rose/Drew in all the excitment. When you do you feel this warmth it's odd. Somebody shushes everyone and everyone stares at the screen waiting for your number. When the number 4 pops onto the screen everyone is silent. After a little bit everyone asks you what happened. You just tell them what happened. "It's okay." Rose/Drew says. "At least you tried something new and some people might spare your life if you got a low number." "Yeah right." You say. To your surprise instead of saying something back Rose/Drew kisses you on the cheek. Your not sure if it was a friendly kiss or romantic kiss but either way you feel warm inside after this your going to be presented then your going to answer questions from ceaser and then after that it's off to the games.

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