You climb a tree and see a fire off in the distance some poor kid must've made it to survive the night. You all of a sudden feel it become freezing. The capitol must be making it freezing at night and really hot during the day. You decide to walk to the fire. You see a little kid huddled by it. She seems scared and she looks like she fell in a lake because her clother look frozen in a unnatural position. You walk out of the woods and demand her food and water. She pulls out a knife you then realize this is the little girl from 10 that got a 9. You stumble backwards. "Well I demand all your food!" You tell her you don't have any and she looks taken aback. She seems to have lost all interest in you. Her guard is down you could kill her and take her stuff or help her by stomping out the fire.

Chapter 36 kill her

Chapter 37 help her

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