The bell goes off and you grab a sword and some poison and get the heck out of there! You climb up a tree because you can hear some people talking around you. People start gathering below you. You hear them talking. They're looking for someone to kill. all of them seem blood thirsty except for a little boy who comes running behind them out of breath. Everyone puts something in the middle.mostley weapons but then the little boy puts some bread in the middle. You now know why they allied with them. The smell of the bread is enough to make you realize how hungry you are. Then he reaches in his pocket and puts some berries in the middle to. "Is that all?!" a boy demands. He is probably 17 but your not sure what district he's from. "I'm sorry it's just you guys were running so fast and I only had so much time..." "Just for this your going to keep watch and if you mess up it's bye bye life... got it?" The 18 year old interupts. The little boy nods his head. Soon after all of them are asleep after eating, even the little boy. The smell is intoxicating. Do you go down and steal some food?

Go to Chapter 29 for steal food

Chapter 30 for stay put

Chapter 31 I would much rather steal their weapons

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