You are dragged out of bed again at 1 in the morning. You are wearing a dress/suit that is orange and if your a girl the dress flows to the ground very elegantly like a wedding dress except it doesn't drag behind you. If it's a tux for the designs on the things that you clip on the cuffs is a flame. You spend most of the day getting ready. They outlined your eyebrows and lips with a really light orange and put orange lipstick on you and put sparkly orange eyeshadow on you. After a while it's night and they drop you off at ceasers talk show. You are really bored and just ignore most of the people. But Rose/Drew says something you can't ignore. "So Rose/Drew you are very charming is there a special someone in your life?" "Well I like someone but they don't even know I exsist." They are very vague but you suspect it's you because of the way he/she looks nervously at the cameras. You then realize you love Rose/Drew. You always have but never wanted to admit your feelings because of the fear of rejection. When Rose/Drew gets off stage you run up to them and kiss them. When you pull away he/she pulls you back. You feel unbelievably happy until you are called to stage. "So I think I smell a little showmance blossuming." Ceaser says as you sit down." You smile and shake your head yes. "We've always been close so I guess it was just fate." Everyone in the audience go awwwww and some even take out a hankerchief to wipe away a tear. "It's terrible that you two are here." Your heart stops as he says that. You then realize that tomorrow is the games and only one tribute will come out a victor. You just vaguely answer the rest of his questions and run off stage. You run right up to Rose/Drew and hug them. You wish you could spend eturnity like this. That night you guys seperate right before bed and sleep. That night you have horrible night mares about having to kill him/her so that you could win. You hardely sleep and you see horrible ways you could see them die you see the girl from 5 gutting him/her like a fish "You want a bite?!" She laughs so hard the blood of your lover is spit on you. You hardley sleep that night and are woke up at 7 so you could sleep in. You hardely eat any breakfest and right before you two are seperated you kiss him/ her for the last time and before you know it your in the arena listening to the voice counting down. You are wearing a short sleave shirt that is green and brown shorts/shortskirt that is held up by a dark green scarf that looks like it was improvised at the last minute and camoflage tennis shoes. The arena is a forest. The cornucopia is in front of you and you can feel a sweat break out as you realize how hot it is. As it gets down to the last 10 seconds You decide to...

Chapter 21 Get as much stuff as you can and run!

Chapter 22 Get as much stuff as you can and fight!

Chapter 23 Grab some stuff that is close to you and run!

Chapter 24 Grab some stuff that is close to you and fight!

Chapter 25 Run period!

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