You wake up way earlier then usuall to some oddly dressed people wearing way to much makeup standing at the edge of your bed. "Wakey wakey!" They all say at the same time. You are really irratated because it's 1 in the morning and your not a morning person. You can almost taste their stupidity as they drag you into a make up studio. They outline your eyebrows and lips with black, they put red lipstick on you, they put a little amount of mascara on you which surprises you considering what other tributes looked like in the previous hunger games. They then put red eye shadow on you. They then put you in a Tux/Dress that is silver and have you wear siver High heels/Dress shoes. They let your hair down if your a girl and brushed it down so you didn't have spikes if you were a boy. You and Rose/Drew get on the chariote and your not that surprised that they set the bottom of your dress/tux on fire. It's always been the design for district 12 ever sience Katniss and Peeta came and left together. You put on a fake smile and wave and blow some kisses to the crowd. You ignore the speech they always give and look around. Everyother tribute is in diamnods and other beautiful stuff. Later that night you dose off while waiting for Rose/Drew to get out of the shower.

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